Restoration of Historic Hop Kiln Vineyard Nears Completion


Last updated on May 31, 2024.

Restoring Hop Kiln Vineyard is a meticulous endeavor aimed at preserving the historic integrity of this California Historical Landmark while making it fully accessible.

Located in the picturesque Russian River Valley, the iconic fieldstone structure was built by Italian stonemasons in 1905 and originally used for drying and baling hops for the booming beer industry of the early 20th century. Since 1960, the estate has served as a winery and is celebrated as one of the top ten tasting rooms in Sonoma County.

To ensure this historic gem remains accessible to all visitors, improvements have been made to the deck, main entrance, bathroom amenities, and navigation across the grounds. The restoration project also emphasizes the use of historically accurate materials, including refurbishment of the original conveyor belt machinery, though no longer functionally operational.

As Nordby Construction finalizes the project, Hop Kiln Vineyard stands as a symbol of preservation done right. The careful restoration is a culmination of excellence in craftsmanship, honoring the rich history of the estate, and modern accessibility coming together in perfect harmony. Completion is slated for June 12, 2024.